Yoga for Youth Sports

Yoga for Youth Sports — Serious Athletes Ages 12-18

Just as Radius Yoga Conditioning (RYC) programs are used effectively throughout professional sports, youth athletes/youth teams can also access the benefits of Radius Yoga for youth sports to boost performance and avoid injuries.

Chronic and overuse injuries in youth athletes are becoming a significant issue! Too many talented kids are suffering debilitating setbacks before their careers even have a chance to begin. According to the CDC, more than half of all pediatric sports injuries are preventable.  In 2011, the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA) issued a position statement that spells out the means of prevention, including incorporating pre-and in-season preventative conditioning programs focusing on breathing biomechanics, neuromuscular control, balance, coordination, mobility and functional strengthening.  And these are all areas addressed in RYC youth athlete programs!

What about RYC’s performance benefits for youth athletes?  All of the same benefits apply:  Refer to the RYC page for an outline. However, one of the key differences in RYC work with youth athletes is an even greater emphasis on proprioception and neuromuscular efficiency for better body awareness, control and accuracy of movement. Because youth athlete’s bodies are still growing, there can be a marked effect on proprioceptive and vestibular systems during growth spurts–an athlete with good body awareness is less likely to suffer a performance decrease or body control setback during a growth spurt.

Another consideration for youth athletes is the impact of pressure to consistently function at the highest levels, coupled with the responsibilities of school–never mind the added stress of showcases, tryouts or knowing scouts are in the stands.  To address this, RYC offers specialized breathing, visualization and meditative techniques, called “Eye of the Hurricane Training™.”

To learn more about Dana’s sought-after approach to applying yoga-based techniques into sports training, read her article, “Yoga for Athletes: Why Activation and Inhibition Matter More Than Stretching.”

RYC Youth Sports programs are available in a variety of formats, all customizable according to the team or athlete’s needs.  Private youth athlete training works the same way as adult athlete training; check out the Private Training page for more information. For teams, programs range from camps/clinics to ongoing sessions (available both in- and off-season) to the creation of customized videos and manuals.  Any combination of onsite sessions, online Skype/Facetime sessions and manual & video deliverables can be created to accommodate a team’s needs. Access to the Private Client Portal ensures quick downloads of all team deliverables and accessibility for all designated players and staff (i.e., all staff & athletes can download RYC videos to their iPhones/droids, iPads/tablets, and computers). DVDs of custom programs are also available with copyright waivers for duplication and distribution to all team members/staff.

RYC is based in the Tampa Bay area but training is conducted throughout North America and online internationally; inquire regarding program options that can effectively bridge the distance gap and eliminate/keep travel fees at a minimum.  Mats and props (blocks and straps) required for sessions are available for purchase or rental.

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