Training/Products to help you: Breathe Better. Move Better. Feel Better.

As a certified strength & conditioning coach with a wide range of education/credentials in movement modalities and extensive experience working with a vast array of populations, Dana’s training approach is based on much more than yoga instruction. Dana’s Radius Yoga Conditioning (RYC) yoga-based mobility and mind-body training style is designed specifically to help people breathe, move and feel better in their bodies in ways that enhance their performance, decrease injury and increase the quality of their careers/lives.

Dana has developed a proprietary Functional Mobility and Breathing Assessment that uses yoga-based movements to specifically identify current range of motion in all joints, areas of imbalance in stability and mobility, dysfunctional movement patterns, deficiencies in breathing biomechanics and potential for injury. When working one-on-one with clients, she uses the assessment results, data obtained from the client (and his/her coaches, trainers, doctors, etc., if applicable), and an understanding of the client’s goals to create an extensive report that serves as the foundation for program design. Over the course of working with each client, their program evolves to include progressions and modifications necessary to correct dysfunctional movement patterns, avoid injury, and help them reach their personal goals. The parameters/logistics (how much time, how often, etc.) of their program are based on the their specific needs within the context of the demands of their schedules–as not to be a disruption but to serve as a complement to their existing strength & conditioning programs and facilitate better quality of time spent doing activities necessary for their sports/lives.

The high demand to work with Dana has limited her ability to take on new training clients who are not professional athletes. For that reason, she has begun offering online programming via the TrainHeroic platform to make her approach available to as many people as possible. The first program is a 30-Day Breathe Better to Move Better Foundational Program, which represents the foundation of all work she does with clients–addressing breathing as the most fundamental movement pattern and building all other movement patterns out of that foundation. Future programs will address specific sports, dynamic warm ups, recovery strategies, mindfulness meditation and more. Look for them to launch over the course of 2017.

If you get the opportunity to work with Dana live, the first session is comprised of the comprehensive assessment with time to discuss any concerns noted on the questionnaire portion of the New Client Forms ( a link will be sent to fill out forms online in advance). The assessment is generally conducted in person but can also be done via Skype/Facetime for long-distance clients.  Subsequent sessions include fully customized sequences, incorporating individualized elements of yoga based on the assessment results and the client’s needs and interests–which could include, but are not limited to, breathing techniques, corrective exercise, muscular function, joint mobility/stability training, core integration, restorative/therapeutic work, mindfulness meditation, sleep-facilitation exercises, advanced exercises, etc.

Sessions are conducted in person, online and/or in conjunction with custom video programs.  Note: Dana’s Private Clients have access to their own private, password-protected section of the “Private Client Portal” area of the website, where they can download their program files.  Although Dana is based in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida, she conducts private training throughout North America, as well as online sessions throughout the world. Appropriate technology is required for online sessions to ensure quality. Reasonable travel fees apply to all travel. On-location private sessions are generally conducted at a studio, performance center, or the client’s training facility (facility-use fees are paid by the client). Length of private yoga sessions, after the initial assessment (which usually takes 30-60 minutes), range from 30 to 75 minutes, and frequency depends on client needs. Payment for sessions is required at the time of scheduling.  Contact Dana for pricing.