Dana is an all-star yoga trainer who teaches, coaches and motivates pro athletes. She’s the absolute best in the game; that’s why she’s a part of our program.

Rick Slate, CSCS, RSCC, Director of Strength and Conditioning, Atlanta Braves

Dana just gets it. Not only is she a yoga expert, but she understands the dynamics of pro baseball. She commands the attention of players during sessions, which isn’t always easy, and alters her programs on the fly to accommodate our ever-changing needs. I’ve never felt like she’s trying to get our guys to be better “yogis,” but that she’s trying to help them be better baseball players. I think that’s what makes Dana different.

Kevin Barr, MLB Strength & Conditioning Coach, Tampa Bay Rays

Working with Dana is not just about stretching. She finds the source of my tightness and helps restore proper muscle firing and alignment to fix it. I’ve greatly improved my flexibility and I’m more mobile and stable with better body awareness since working with her.

Drew Hutchison, MLB Starting Pitcher, Toronto Blue Jays

Dana is not what you’d expect from a “yoga instructor.” She’s on top of her game when it comes to dealing with the durability and performance of her athletes. Throughout her mobility and stability work, Dana is focused on safety. This comes from her understanding of the athlete’s sport as well as the demands of that sport. She also gets the nuances of dealing with professional athletes, which enables her to communicate effectively, whether in a group setting or one-on-one. Dana has the ability to help the best of the best reach their potential!

Paul Fournier, ATC, CSCS, RSCC, Major League Strength and Conditioning Coordinator, Philadelphia Phillies

Dana is extremely knowledgeable in human movement, specifically towards the improvement of any limitations and dysfunctions revealed through assessment. With that being said, she relates well with the players as well as the staff, which makes it a joy to have a close working relationship with an expert in human movement.

Bill Burgos, NBA Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Orlando Magic

In my experience as a head strength and conditioning coach, it’s obvious when you come across a “difference maker.” There are difference makers in every arena, and they are most coveted. I can say without reservation Dana is difference maker in the field of yoga. She has the knowledge, and–just as important–personality to get each individual to a new level, whether in a group or individual setting. Dana brings a grit and energy to each situation that maximizes her effectiveness and makes working with her infectious.

Dave Kennedy, NFL Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Dana has not only made me more mobile but has helped me understand my body functioning so I can move better–more powerfully and accurately–both on and off the field. Overall, she’s a delight to work with, and I owe her a lot!

Denard Span, MLB Center Fielder, San Francisco Giants

Working one on one with Dana all off season, she took the time to understand my body and address exactly what I needed to eliminate chronic back pain and make me stronger and more mobile. She showed me how to integrate specific yoga moves into my in-season conditioning that will keep me feeling good.

Adam Lind, MLB 1st Base/DH, Seattle Mariners

I’ve been working with Dana on an ongoing basis since the 2007 off season. Her focus on complementing my current training has helped me use yoga conditioning to maintain a higher level of functional strength and flexibility throughout my body. She helps me identify weaknesses and get stronger and more mobile to play better and prevent injury. Overall, I just feel better after working out and practicing. I experience less tension and soreness.

Tim Thomas, Conn Smythe & Vezina Award-Winning NHL Goaltender

Dana’s unique evaluation of athletes’ pre-existing and present medical abnormalities /injuries allows her to design and implement a yoga program in conjunction with our rehabilitation and strengthening program, which therefore provides our hockey players with the best approach to increasing joint mobility and core stability.

Mike Poirier, NHL Asst. Athletic Trainer, Tampa Bay Lightning

Dana helps me become one with my body, mind and soul. Working with Dana is not at all like going to a public yoga class. She knows exactly what I need to be better and focuses on my problem areas.

Pierre-Cedric Labrie, NHL Forward, Tampa Bay Lightning

Yoga is a delicate entity to bring into a professional sports environment. We were fortunate to bring Dana into our Winter Training Camp (2010) and Spring Training (2011) to take our players through several yoga sessions focusing on skeletal alignment, scapular stabilization, anterior chain flexibility, diaphragmatic breathing and balance. It was very beneficial and educational for all involved. Dana does a great job working with the professional athlete, which is not always easy to do. She worked with our staff to come up with a program designed for our players. Her service is a great asset to a well-rounded strength & conditioning program at any level.

Frank Velasquez Jr., Former MLB Strength & Conditioning Coach, Pittsburgh Pirates

Dana understands how to restore balance in the body so you can get the most power, strength and mobility out of it. I honestly have felt amazing since starting to work with Dana. I feel not only more flexible but stronger — mind and body strong!

Ryan Malone, NHL Forward, Tampa Bay Lightning

I love Dana’s yoga conditioning… It’s a great way to build up strength and stamina, flexibility and breathing. The whole thing, it’s a great concept. I’m all for it. It just makes sense. It will kick your ass—what Dana’s doing to [the team]. You’re going to come out of it a little beat up. But you’re going to be re-energized, too.

Joe Maddon, MLB Tampa Bay Rays Manager

Dana offers professional sports a unique application of yoga that addresses joint stability and mobility as well as functional flexibility. Her approach is personable and accessible.

John Hastings, Former NFL Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Washington Redskins

After talking with Dana about her approach and witnessing a session she performed with one of my players, I am impressed with her passion for yoga, her understanding of functional anatomy and her ability to articulate the relevance for sport-specific yoga programs. I highly recommend Dana’s services for those who are interested in incorporating yoga training into their regimens.

Mark Coffelt, Former NBA Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Charlotte Bobcats

If you want to improve muscular mobility and stability, speed up recovery and enhance your performance Dana’s individualized programs will take your game to the next level. Her passion and experience are evident in her attention to detail when designing the appropriate programs for her athletes. Every athlete should afford themselves a personalized program to address their specific deficiencies.

Chris Joyner, CSCS, RSCC, MLB Strength & Conditioning Coach, Toronto Blue Jays (Formerly Milwaukee Brewers)

Dana’s style of yoga is not your traditional yoga. She was able to understand what we wanted our athletes to get out of her yoga sessions and customize her sessions for us and our athletes. She taught our staff alot of invaluable information that has proven to be very beneficial in helping our athletes with yoga.  After our inservices Dana remained available for any questions we had while were started to implement yoga into our strength program. I wouldn’t go to anyone else!

Jason Meredith, Philadelphia Phillies Minor League Strength & Conditioning Coach

Dana has helped me in many different ways. She has made me stronger, while at the same time fixed imbalances within my body to prevent injury for the future. My flexibility has also improved. Not only has practicing with Dana benefited the physical aspect of my game, but mentally I am more consistent as well.

Hayden Stewart, USHL Goaltender

Dana’s work with Hayden has given him ‘access’ to another level of athleticism not previously discovered within him. Every elite athlete can benefit from her work to uncover that next level of strength & conditioning that eludes so many. Dana has allowed Hayden to reach pucks that are not supposed to be saved. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. I just saw it this past Sunday. Wow….

Brad Stewart, Father of Hayden Stewart, USHL Goaltender

I have to say, it wasn’t until Dana’s sessions (inservice with the Phillies staff) did I fully understand how beneficial yoga can be for athletes. She did an excellent job in designing exercises that targeted common limitations/dysfunctions in baseball players.

Dong Lien, Philadelphia Phillies AAA Strength & Conditioning Coach

We learn unique things from Dana that you just don’t find anywhere else. I highly recommend Dana to any dedicated athlete who is serious about raising their level of play or is trying to recover from an injury. Dana trains athletes so they are physically and mentally ready for the game.  She can quickly identify postural issues caused by overuse and can show you how to correct them.  She is knowledgeable, visibly caring and has been a genuine advocate to my son who is a multi-sport athlete in high-school now focusing on baseball and hockey.  Dana has made a measurable impact in just a short period of time and we feel like we made a very good choice working with her!

Bob Piotti, Father of a Multi-Sport Youth Athlete

“It’s cool…it’s the kind of strength training you don’t get from lifting weights.”

Rocco Baldelli, MLB outfielder (commenting on Dana’s spring training sessions)

“I like it for the core work…it stretches you out. It’s a different kind of movement.”

Jon Switzer, MLB left-handed reliever (commenting on Dana’s spring training sessions)

“It’s good for breathing, visualizing and stretching your muscles.”

Shawn Camp, MLB right-handed pitcher (commenting on Dana’s spring training sessions)

“The first day I tried it, I was a bit uncoordinated…but the second day, when I was done I was like ‘Wow. This feels good.’ My hips are so tight, I can see where it helps loosen you up.”

Tim Corcoran, MLB right-handed pitcher (commenting on Dana’s spring training sessions)

“It’s a lot harder than it sounds and I think we’re getting a lot out of it.”

Casey Fossum, MLB left-handed pitcher (commenting on Dana’s spring training sessions)

The Toronto Blue Jays have been using Dana’s functional yoga conditioning in both our major and minor league organizations since spring training 2007. We’ve had great success implementing Dana’s program with her ongoing guidance. We incorporate many of her stretches on a daily basis.

Donovan Santas, Strength & Conditioning Coordinator, Toronto Blue Jays

“It’s not an enjoyable experience at 7:45 in the morning. But you’ve got to get in there. There’s a reason I’m doing it. I need to get more flexible.”

Greg Norton, MLB infielder/outfielder (commenting on Dana’s spring training sessions)

I first met Dana at a ‘wellness’ meeting for firefighters and, although skeptical about yoga at first, a group of us decided to try it. Firefighters in our house from 22 to 62 years old have participated and all have found Dana to be a great motivator in helping us increase our strength, stamina and overall fitness. In a profession requiring tremendous physical exertion at times, we are hopeful that, through Dana’s ‘core stability, strength and flexibility’ teaching, we can perform physically at our highest level and experience fewer injuries. I highly recommend Dana’s program to everyone looking to enhance their overall fitness and well being.

Captain Jim Welsh, Boston Fire, Rescue Co. 1

The time I spend with Dana has become an important aspect of my cross training. As a former professional goaltender balance and flexibility were always a vital part of my job. I wish I had met Dana back then. I know I would have prevented injuries, gained valuable core stability coupled with ever important enhanced balance and flexibility. While my professional goaltending days are long gone, as the president of a sports marketing agency I will be encouraging the athletes we represent to train with Dana on Sports Specific programs. It’s fantastic for anyone at any level. I look forward to our next training session.

Cleon Daskalakis, Former Boston Bruins Goaltender, President, Celebrity Marketing, Inc. (CMI)

The players responded really well to Dana’s program last year, so we’re glad she was able to come back. At this age, learning how to incorporate flexibility and functional strength training into their regimens is invaluable for helping them prolong their careers.

Todd Van Poppel, retired Major League Baseball Pitcher & Co-Owner Denton Outlaws TCL Team

I just really wanted to thank you for the time you spent with us in Denton. I had a great time with yoga and wanted to let you know how it’s already helped me. The other night I was a bit tight in my shoulder and then I started doing some yoga moves from your book and it helped me loosen up. But I think the most incredible part was when I was on the mound for the first time in almost 3 years and all of the sudden I got a bit flustered. I just went behind the pitching rubber and closed my eyes for a second, worked into my yoga breathing technique and instantly I had total control, and felt like I could conquer the world, or at least strike out the next batter, which I did.

Levi Dartt #13 Left-handed Pitcher, The Denton Outlaws, Denton, Texas

Training with Dana has helped me reach a level of fitness I have been striving for. This year I decided to train for a fitness competition. Being a former national level bodybuilder, I am familiar with lifting heavy weights. For years I trained my muscles individually, but never focused on flexibility or functional strength; my weekly routine lacked variety and balance. This prevented me from performing the mandatory strength moves for a fitness competition. My private sessions with Dana focus on MY needs and have become an essential part of my competition preparation.

Jena Gingras, Personal Trainer, Fitness Competitor, Bradford MA

Dana has been outstanding in helping me reach new levels of strength and flexibility. Training with her has significantly reduced my lower back pain. She is truly an expert in the yoga community.

Ken Meissner, Yoga Enthusiast

From the perspective of this mid-life, cardio-centric gym rat, Dana’s chief appeal is how well she straddles the interests of the serious yoga practitioner and the general fitness seeker. Though she’s highly fluent in yoga’s physical, mental and spiritual elements, Dana excels at reaching out to those who might be put off by other yoga instruction. While she takes her responsibilities to coach and inspire quite seriously, she does not take herself too seriously. That is a refreshing combination.

Hunt S., North Andover, MA

Practicing yoga flow with Dana helped me develop better stamina, improved my flexibility and balance. It allowed me to challenge my body in ways impossible through my regular workout routine. As a certified ski instructor, I find yoga practice invaluable to improve core strength, make upper body “quieter,” develop a better sense of balance both on two feet and on one foot. I always recommend taking yoga lessons to my clients as a way to make them better skiers.

Vladislav Davidkovich, Ph.D., Certified Ski Instructor

I’d never taken yoga before and wasn’t sure what to expect…but Dana’s class rocked! I feel solid today. I’m definitely coming back for more!

Brian Galgano, Quincy, MA

I have fibromyalgia and have benefited greatly from Dana’s vinyasa yoga. My mobility, flexibility and strength have improved. She connects the mind, body and breath by incorporating power yoga and stretching. Her poses flow freely from agility to strength and coordination. Her expertise in instruction enables me to move through sequences smoothly with a flow.

Carol Vannelli, Business Owner

Until three months ago, you would never catch me in a yoga class. I played tennis and ran outside. Dana convinced me to try yoga. My game improved almost immediately and I was no longer sore after playing. At first, I wasn’t convinced it was the yoga. Now I am sure that yoga has made my balance better, and my range of motion in both shoulders has improved substantially. I also feel like I have more power, especially in my backhand.

Susan Genton, Tennis Enthusiast, Middleton, MA

Dana brings a unique focus to yoga. She is able to translate her command of the various postures and how they affect the body into custom practices for her clients.

Mark Grant, Actor and Producer

I’ve lifted weights for years and never really thought yoga was for me. But after doing yoga with Dana, my body feels solid and strong in a way that I’ve never experienced through lifting. I can feel that I’m creating strength and flexibility not only in all my major muscle groups but also the secondary muscles. It’s addicting.

David, Lynnfield, MA