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Radius Yoga Conditioning (RYC) – Functional Mobility/Mental Training

Radius Yoga Conditioning (RYC), also known as Radius Yoga, was created by Dana Santas CSCS, E-RYT, yoga mobility coach for the Orlando Magic, Philadelphia Phillies, Atlanta Braves, Toronto Blue Jays, Tampa Bay Rays, Tampa Bay Lightning, and WWE as well as consultant to dozens of other teams and athletes in pro sports. RYC/Radius Yoga is an international yoga-based, functional mobility and mental performance training business designed to empower people to breathe, move and feel better in their bodies and minds to live happier, healthier, more fulfilling lives. Specializing in professional sports, Dana integrates Radius Yoga into athlete training to enhance performance, decrease injury and improve the overall quality of their lives on and off the playing field.IMG_7700

Radius Yoga offers a hybrid style of yoga- and science-based functional mobility training based on Dana’s “ABC’s of Yoga™” (Alignment, Breath & Core) that emphasize alignment/restoration of the kinetic chain via activation and inhibition, utilizing proper breathing biomechanics as the most fundamental movement pattern, and awareness & integrated engagement of the core (including the diaphragm) as the center of functional strength and balance. Dana’s philosophy is that “yoga is NOT one size fits all™” and should be adapted to each person’s body and goals within the context of their lives.  Dana’s proprietary Functional Mobility Assessment (refer to the private training page for more info) ensures that her athletes’ programs specifically address dysfunction/compensation in their breathing and movement patterns to reduce injury, improve power and range, and enhance performance.

Specializing in Radius Yoga for sports and Radius Yoga for athletes, RYC offers distinct advantages over other styles of sport-specific yoga that claim benefits to athletes. Because RYC/Radius Yoga views yoga for sports as an integrated part of a team’s/athlete’s strength & conditioning program, customized programs are designed to meet specific needs and complement current training and treatments. And Dana’s extensive experience working with professional teams and their coaches, trainers and players provides her with the knowledge and adaptability to seamlessly navigate their grueling schedules and integrate her services to meet the demands of professional sports. 

To learn more about Dana’s sought-after approach to applying yoga-based techniques into sports training and why she thinks “flexibility” should never be a priority, read her article, “Yoga for Athletes: Why Activation and Inhibition Matter More Than Stretching.”

RYC provides any/all of the following services for clients, as needed:

  • Functional Mobility, Breathing Quality & Dysfunctional Movement Assessment
  • Corrective Exercise and Rehab
  • Joint Stability & Mobility with Muscular Tone/Function
  • Integrated Core & Functional Pelvic Movement/Alignment Training
  • Proprioceptive, Neuromuscular & Kinesthetic Awareness Work
  • Soft Tissue Strategies to Address Fascia & Muscular Connectivity
  • Breathing Biomechanics Training
  • Mental Clarity & Calming Techniques Leveraging Autonomic Nervous System

The benefits of RYC include:

  • Avoiding Injury & Decreasing Chronic Pain
  • Restoring Kinetic Chain of Movement
  • Extending Range of Motion While Stabilizing Joints
  • Increasing Integrated Core, Diaphragm, & Pelvic Strength & Function
  • Enhancing Accuracy, Body Awareness/Control & Balance
  • Improving Connective Tissue Quality/Muscle Function
  • Establishing Proper Breathing Biomechanics for Structural Integrity, Mobility & Physiology
  • Sharpening Mental Clarity, Reducing Stress & Facilitating Sleep

Check out the Radius Yoga for Sports Programs and Private Training pages for more information about yoga for sports and yoga for athletes.