“MM-Powered” Empowered Mentorship Program

with Dana Santas, “Mobility Maker”

Expand beyond ordinary mentoring with a personalized online program that offers you

the opportunity to customize what you learn & how you apply it, rather than simply copying a cookie-cutter format that belongs to someone else. That’s why the mentorship’s motto is:

Earn it. Own it.


This mentorship is all about empowering YOU!

Limited to just four-to-six people at a time, this customized 12-week program provides each participant with individualized attention and the opportunity to complete a personalized project under Dana’s guidance that can be applied directly to enhance their career. Past participant projects have ranged from sport-specific yoga mobility programs and creating breathing/mobility assessments, to development of custom workshops and seminars, as well as devising business development plans and related materials.

It’s appropriate for anyone who works in or is currently studying a movement, fitness training or therapy field (e.g., physical therapy, strength & conditioning, coaching, chiropractic, athletic training, personal training, exercise science, etc.)—not just yoga instructors.


Two Mentorship Programs will be offered in 2017:

Spring/Summer:  Sunday, April 23rd to Sunday, July 16th

Spring/Summer Applications Accepted March 12th-April 9th; Applicants Informed of Acceptance no later than April 12th; Payment due April 17th

Fall:  Sunday, August 14th to Sunday, November 5th

Fall Applications Accepted July 2nd-July 30th; Applicants Informed of Acceptance no later than August 2nd; Payment due August 7th


Here’s what some past participants have to say about their experience:

Dana helped me realize that I need to stop hoping and wishing something will happen and, instead, expect that my knowledge and dedication will result in the desired outcome. The space Dana created for me to be confident and undaunted in my career is priceless.

Simply, I think it really speaks to the good person Dana is that, as busy as she is, she is reaching out to those of us who want to do better and be better at helping our students. She has so much knowledge and experience to offer and certainly has enough work, as it is, yet she offered us the experience of a lifetime! Cannot thank Dana enough!

I like that you can do the mentorship while working full time or being in school. The schedule for the program is flexible and allows you to manage your time however you want or need.


Mentorship Includes:

  • Structured-Yet-Personalized, 12-Week Online Program Designed for Completion of a Custom Project of Your Choosing (see samples below)
  • Three Hour-Long One-on-One Skype Sessions with Dana
  • Two Half-Hour Phone Calls with Dana
  • Up to Twelve Email Exchanges with Dana
  • Two Hour-Long Group Google Hangouts
  • Access to Private Facebook Group for Interaction w/Current & Past Participants
  • Welcome Packet with Program Overview, Initial Reading/Resource List, Timeline Worksheet
  • Additional resources, as applicable, to enable project completion
  • Exclusive offers on products and services from Dana’s sponsors, when available


Want to be part of the program? Fill out your membership application online!


MM MentorshipJPG



IMPORTANT: Anyone wishing to be considered for a Mentorship Program must a completed APPLICATION and pay the $20 application fee via Paypal during the timeframes noted above. FYI–once you fill out your online form and click “submit,” you’ll be automatically redirected to the PayPal site for application payment. Please direct any questions to the Program Coordinator: and copy (CC:) 

For full tuition and payment plan info, scroll down to the “Cost” section. Tuition payments are not due until after acceptance is confirmed. 



Mentorship Topic: To be considered for the program, you must select a topic you’d like to explore that will be the catalyst for the project/deliverable(s) you choose to complete. Because Dana specializes in sports training, relevant athletic topics are welcome. However, participants should feel free to select any topic related to the use of yoga for mobility, health and wellness.

Topic examples:

  • Programming yoga mobility, breathing and mindfulness techniques for a specific sport/position (e.g. golf, pitcher, etc.)
  • Specializing in Yoga, Mobility, Breathing and/or Mindfulness for specific areas/issues (e.g. hip mobility, back pain, happiness, stress relief, etc.)
  • Integrating yoga-based mobility and/or breathing techniques into a training program (e.g. strength & conditioning program for a team or a personal training program)
  • Committing to a comprehensive personal home yoga-based practice practice (make your project into a personal growth journey)

Please note these are just examples. There are myriad options: select a topic that matters most to you; don’t be afraid to suggest an out-of-the-box topic and/or project. Dana can help you refine your focus, if necessary.


Mentorship Project: Projects should be designed to result in a tangible deliverable(s) relevant to the participant’s career that can be integrated into their work/education in a meaningful way.

Project examples:

  • Design a sport-specific class/program; deliverables may include class/program sequence(s), coach pitch letter template, one-page program description, etc.
  • Develop a specialized workshop or seminar; deliverables may include workshop outline, workshop handouts, workshop flyer, venue pitch letter template, etc.
  • Creating a business development/marketing plan for growing your movement therapy, strength & conditioning or other related business; deliverables may include a a prospect list, marketing plan, pitch letters, boilerplate descriptive language, bio/resume, etc.
  • Devise a means of assessing clients; deliverables may include an assessment form, basic new client questionnaire, corresponding sample client report, etc.

Again, these are just examples, you can decide on/refine your project with Dana.


SAMPLE Outline for Weeks One Through Four:

Sample Topic: Yoga for Golf

Sample Project: Design Workshop for Golfers 

One-hour Google Hangout:   Overview of group session rules, introduction to other Participants in the program and an opportunity to learn more about Dana. Q&A opportunity.

Email Exchange: Finalize schedule for Skype sessions and phone calls. Ask any pressing questions prior to first Skype.

One-hour Skype/FaceTime Session:  You and Dana go over your topic and determine your project and its scope. For instance, if your topic is yoga for golf, your project could be creating a workshop for golfers.  As such, you would discuss and consider aspects of the project, like:  What aspects of golf will you focus on in workshop (i.e, mechanics of swing, mental focus/physiology, emphasis on long or short game, etc.)? Will you provide movements for warm up, recovery, corrective exercise, training integration, etc.?

Assignment:  Create outline and project description drafts. Consider the deliverables associated with your project. What do you need to produce? An outline and notes for you to use while teaching? A flyer? What are the appropriate steps to accomplish it over 12 weeks?  What do you need to learn? What resources will you need? How can you best leverage Dana’s expertise/network?

Email Exchange: Send your project description and outline drafts, questions or issues encountered creating it.

½-Hour Phone Session:  Go over project description and outline and discuss first steps.

Assignment:  Finalize project description and outline. Begin first steps.

Email Exchange:  Submit assignment and ask any questions related to completing first steps of project.


What this Mentorship is:

  • An opportunity to explore a topic and complete a project relevant to your career/interests
  • Access to ongoing guidance and support from Dana
  • Goal oriented and project driven for professional/career purposes


What this Mentorship is NOT:

  • a certification or formal training program
  • a casual relationship
  • a passive experience (YOU will do the work; Dana provides guidance)



$1200.00 for the 12-week program paid in three installments of $400 each.

$1100 (SAVE $100) when paid in full within 48 hours of receipt of your acceptance email/invoice.

The three-installment payment plan consists of three payments of $400 with the first installment due within 48 hours of receipt of your acceptance email/invoice, and the other two installments due 48 hours prior to the start of Weeks Five and Nine.


The Fine Print:

An application must be submitted. A non-refundable fee of $20.00 is required to apply. If you are not accepted into the program, you may reapply (with the same or new application) for the next program without paying an additional fee.

All payments received are non-refundable.

Due to the demands of Dana’s pro sports contracts, she reserves the right to reschedule Skype sessions once per month. With that in mind, Dana understands that Participants may also need to reschedule from time to time and grants them the right to reschedule with 24-hours notice once over the course of the program. If Participant needs to reschedule more than once during the program and/or within less than 24 hours, the meeting is lost or a fee of 150.00 can be paid to set another time. If Dana has to reschedule more than once in a four-week period, then an extra session will be added in that month at no additional charge.

Note:  Skype/Facetime technology is not always perfect. It is expected that some momentary freezing may occur. If more than 5 minutes of time is lost to freezing/connection loss, the session will be extended to compensate (if possible) or a new session will be scheduled to make up the lost time.

Mentorship participant can chose to stop at any time, however, once payment is received, it is not refundable. Participants on a payment plan must submit payment installments on time. Late payments result in lost time as your program will cease until payment is made.

Any Participant who engages in conduct that Dana and/or the MM-Powered Mentorship Program Coordinator deems inappropriate, disruptive or illegal, will be immediately dismissed from the program without refund.

Participants who do not complete their projects by the end of the 12-week program will not receive a letter of completion or be eligible for any related discounts or offers.