Dana just gets it. Not only is she a yoga expert, but she understands the dynamics of pro baseball. I’ve never felt like she’s trying to get our guys to be better “yogis,” but that she’s trying to help them be better baseball players. I think that’s what makes Dana different.

Kevin Barr, MLB Strength & Conditioning Coach, Tampa Bay Rays

Dana’s unique evaluation of athletes’ medical abnormalities / injuries allows her to design and implement a yoga program in conjunction with our rehabilitation and strengthening program, which provides our hockey players with the best approach to increasing joint mobility and core stability.

Mike Poirier, NHL Asst. Athletic Trainer, Tampa Bay Lightning

I’ve worked with Dana since 2007. Her focus on complementing my current training has helped me maintain a higher level of functional strength & flexibility throughout my body. She helps me identify weaknesses and get stronger and more mobile to play better and prevent injury.

Tim Thomas, Conn Smythe, Vezina Trophy Award-Winning NHL Goaltender

Dana does a great job working with professional athletes, which is not always easy. She worked with our staff to design a program for our players…focusing on alignment, scap stabilization, flexibility, diaphragmatic breathing and balance. Her service is a great asset to a well-rounded strength and conditioning program.

Frank Velasquez Jr., Former MLB Strength & Conditioning Coach, Pittsburgh Pirates

Dana offers professional sports a unique application of yoga that addresses joint stability and mobility as well as functional flexibility. Her approach is personable and accessible.

John Hastings, Former NFL Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Washington Redskins


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