Schedule – Yoga Mobility Workshops


Dana Santas’ 2017 Speaking/Event Schedule

PLAE Summit: Under Armour HQ, Baltimore, MD March 25, 2017:

Dana will present “Breathing Life into Mobility: A Practical Approach to Mobility Drills Driven by Breathing Biomechanics.” In this interactive presentation, Dana will take participants through a series of mobility drills leveraging breathing biomechanics to enhance quality of movements.

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IMG_8911Summer Strong 10: Columbia, SC, May 19-21 2017:

Dana will present during the Lift/Move/Recover segments.

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Perform Better Summit: Orlando, FL, June 2-4, 2017:

Dana will present: “Breathe Better to Move Better & Feel Better in Sports & Fitness Training (and Life)”

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Hammer Strength Clinic: Whitby, Ontario, June 9-10, 2017:

Dana’s presentation/practical session TBD.

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Tampa Bay Rays Yoga Day: Tropicana Field, St. Pete, FL August 5, 2017:

As the Tampa Bay Rays team yoga mobility trainer, Dana will serve as a lead instructor for this public event.

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Perform Better Summit: Long Beach, CA, August 25-27, 2017:

Dana will present: “Breathe Better to Move Better & Feel Better in Sports & Fitness Training (and Life).”

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NSCA Personal Trainers Conference: Anaheim, CA, October 27-29, 2017:

Dana will do a hands-on presentation: “Breathing Life into Mobility: Practical Application of Breathing BioMechanics in Mobility Drills” and lecture: “Integrating Yoga-Based Strategies to Maximize Training — No Traditional Yoga Required.

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FYI: Dana does not offer a certification program because she strives to empower people to use what she teaches as a means of furthering their own strengths and skills in the context of their careers; as such, she promotes the philosophy of “Earn it. Own it.”  To that end, she offers a personalized 12-week online support program to select participants throughout the year in the form of her MMpowered Mentorship Program.

Dana Santas’ presentations, workshops, and other programs are designed to cover different themes and subjects for various populations: from athletes, trainers, coaches, physical therapists, and yoga instructors wanting tools and techniques to enhance their training skill set, to everyday people looking for ways to breathe, move and feel better in their bodies and happier in the context of their daily lives. Due to pro team contracts/athlete commitments, Dana’s availability for events is limited. If you’re interested in hosting a workshop or having Dana speak/teach at your event, please send an email with details and Dana or someone from her staff will respond as soon as possible. For info on customized in-service training programs for Team Strength & Conditioning and Athletic Training Staff, refer to the Yoga for Sports Programs page.

As her schedule allows, Dana conducts consulting sessions via Skype/Facetime. The MMpowered Mentorship Program is an online 12-week course enabling participants to receive ongoing individual guidance from Dana to create their own custom project. Refer to the mentorship info page for details and schedule.  Email to inquire about private consulting and/or questions about the MMpowered Mentorship Program.

Please note: Dana receives many emails from yoga instructors and other professionals working in sports/wanting to work in sports; it’d be impossible for her to answer them all. If you really want your questions answered, it’s best to schedule a consulting session.